About Elan Walks

Exercise and explore more with an Elan Walk we go that extra mile more than the average walking tour.

Each walk is personally created by Helen inspired by her love and knowledge of one of the world's most wonderful cities.

Discover little known facts and fascinating corners of London or see familiar places in a different light. There is always something new to learn about London.

Its many diverse delights might have been here for centuries or just opened last week, that's the joy of London and there's no one better to explore with than Helen, her enthusiasm and love for the city is infectious.

Helen will incite your imagination and help you gain more insight into the fabulous city of London as you explore her favourite sites together. 

My Mission

At Elan Walks I want you to have a fun and informative experience, either discovering London for the first time or revisiting a sight, seeing it in a different light and learning something new about an area you though you already knew.

I have customers who have come back for several different walks and some who are only in London for a short stay. I hope everyone has a delightful and memorable time. Bringing joy, sharing fascinating facts and creating a fun experience is my aim.

I hope you leave more curious than you came and want to return again for another Elan Walk. 

Creative Tour Director

Helen Palmer

Helen has lived in London for 30 years and has worked as an actor, tour guide, stand up comedian and prize winning poet.
Her love of London's rich history, its arts, architecture, food, green spaces, wildlife and constant reinvention will probably keep her here for 30 more years. Her joy is to share the delights of her favourite city with others.